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Children's Books

A circle hits a wall and becomes a line segment, combining reading with math concepts. This book explores the relationship of line segments, angles, and geometric shapes. Rhyme and rhythm contribute to the fun story which also depicts how geometric shapes are labeled.

The villagers of Cakesville love cake, so much in fact that they eat it morning, noon, and night. But when the chickens need help, will the villagers lend a hand? Or will they be too busy eating cake?

Portraying two children growing to adulthood while visiting Grammy, they fly up the hills, whoosh down the land and sip lemonade. They learn about the cycle of life for people, butterflies and flowers.

Meet Rufus, a lovable little tan Corgi farm dog. Animal books for kids entice children so nicely into the storyline. He'll take the reader on two fun adventures while introducing the concepts of position words and time. My hope is that children will not only enjoy the stories, but will utter those magic words, "I Can Read!"

In the "Best Gift" all the animals have a special gift for Boy Ben except Rufus. Children learn color words and the products supplied by different farm animals. "The Big Mean Dog" covers days of the week. It's also about friendship and accepting others with a loving heart. Children reading story books should enjoy this book.

Morgan went for a walk one day. Where did she go? What did she see?

This book engages the imagination through rhyme and imagery. Whimsical pictures add to the fun and encourage vocabulary development.

A list of vocabulary words and pictures follow the story. A really good books for kids.

NO FAIR is about choices and consequences.

Grandfather gives each of his grandsons, Edgar and Leroy, a plot of land, a few trees and a house.

What do they do with the gift?

Readers will giggle and shake their heads. Hopefully, they will also realize the importance of trees and gain an appreciation for the land. One of the better children's book titles.